Nagpur issued Marriage Certificate Apostille

Marriage Certificate Apostille Attestation in Nagpur

Nagpur issued Marriage certificate Attestation apostille service by Ministry of External Affairs, India.

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  1. Attestation by Notary Advocate ( Depend on State )
  2. ADM Attestation (Depend on State…Not mandatory for all )
  3. Attestation from State GAD Department (Depend on State…Not mandatory for all)
  4. Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA)

The Hague Convention Abolishing the needed for Attestation (Legalization) for Foreign Certificates, the Apostille convention.
The Apostille agreement is an International pact summarized by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It specifies the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory Country can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory Country. Such a documentation is called an Apostille (It is a French word and it is Notary). It is an international documentation equivalent to a Notarization in Indian law.

Apostille service for Nagpur based Marriage certificate such as GAD (Home Department), Mantralaya, HRD (State Education Department ), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Notary, MHRD, SDM & Embassy Attestation and Legalization.

We are a registered private company that offer Nagpur base Marriage Certificate Apostille and Embassy Legalization/Attestation service situated in Nagpur, for the overseas use of certificates.

Special Note Nagpur issued Document:
Apostille is required for HCCH (Hague Conventional Country), across the world around above 97 Countries are present and the number Hague Conventional are increasing. All the above said Certificate Attestation process, the Attestation from Notary is mandatory require. The attestation from Notary could be completed from anywhere in India for any Indian document. But some country requires the Notarization from the state of issuance of the Certificate. All the Attestation process could be done on the original document. Some Country requires the translation copy of the legalized document issued in India in English language to their own country’s languages. The translation requirement could vary from Country to Country, as some country requires the Translated Certificate after the whole Attestation process and on the other forward Country requires the Translated Certificate to be attested. Also some country requires both the original as well as Translated document to be legalized. Some Country requires the fresh / reissued Attested document. In that case the issuance of the document and the complete attestation will be within six months.

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Marriage Certificate Apostille in Nagpur for Norway, Netherlands, France, Oman, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Europe, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Hungary, UK, Russia, Cyprus, Ireland, Belarus, Mexico, USA, Turkey, switzerland, Poland, Malta, Mauritius, Japan, Panama, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Israel, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Argentina, Greece, Colombia, Korea, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Lithuania, Georgia, Ethiopia, South Africa, peru, philippines, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Iceland, India, UAE, Vietnam, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Costarica, Cuba, Dominican, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Latvia, Venezuela, Slovenia, Croatia

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